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  • Title: Welcome to Your New Home Page!
    Descriptive info: .. Welcome to Your New Home in Cyberspace!.. This is a placeholder page installed by the.. Debian.. release of the.. Apache.. Web server package, because no home page was installed on this host.. You may want to replace this as soon as possible with your own web pages, of course.. This computer has installed the Debian GNU/Linux operating system but has nothing to do with the Debian GNU/Linux project.. If you want to report something about this host's behavior or domain, please contact the ISPs involved directly,.. not.. the Debian Project.. See the.. Network Abuse Clearinghouse.. for how to do this.. Unless you changed its configuration, your new server is configured as follows:.. Configuration files can be found in.. /etc/apache.. The.. DocumentRoot.. , which is the directory under which all your HTML files should exist, is set to.. /var/www.. CGI scripts are looked for in.. /usr/lib/cgi-bin.. , which is where Debian packages will place their scripts.. Log files are placed in.. /var/log/apache.. , and will be rotated daily.. The frequency of  ...   dirs should be under /home, and users will not be able to symlink to files they don't own.. All standard Apache modules are available with this release and can be chosen with the.. apacheconfig.. script.. Installing a new module on your system is just a matter of compiling it (with the apache-dev package) and adding a line to your.. httpd.. configuration file.. More documentation on Apache can be found on:.. Apache documentation.. stored on your server.. Apache Project.. home site.. ApacheWeek.. newsletter.. Debian Project Documentation.. which contains HOWTOs, FAQs, and software updates.. You can also consult the list of.. World Wide Web Frequently Asked Questions.. for information.. If you find a bug in this Apache package, or in Apache itself, please file a bug report on it.. Instructions on doing this, and the list of.. known bugs.. of this package, can be found in the.. Debian Bug Tracking System.. Thanks for using this package, and congratulations for your choice of a Debian system!.. Johnie Ingram.. , Treasure Island, California 13 October 2001..

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